Silly Sweets

Hey fairies! Today on the Never News blog, Kit is interviewing Dulcie from Dulcie’s Kitchen for her brand-new silly sweets! The interview is below.

Kit: Hi, Dulcie! We hear you have some tasty new treats available to bake in your kitchen! They seem to be a big hit with pixies all over the Hollow. We all want to know how you discovered the recipe.
Dulcie: It all started when we were celebrating Silly Days a few weeks ago. Pixies were getting bored of the same food day after day, and I really wanted to mix things up for Silly Days — you know, do something a bit silly.
Kit: Silly Days and Silly Sweets, makes sense to me …
Dulcie: Ah, but Silly Sweets wasn’t what I was trying to make! It came as rather an accident … let me explain. Sometimes when you’re looking for something new, it doesn’t hurt to look for something old.
Kit: Something old? I don’t understand.
Dulcie: I was at the library, looking at a dusty old cookbook. It was so old that the writing on the page was in leaf lettering. I got curious so I tried baking it, but the result tasted a little … funny. I looked up and happened to see myself in a mirror, and I was green!
Kit: That must have felt very silly!
Dulcie: Exactly, and that’s how Silly Sweets were born. After I made the Green Silly Sweet, I experimented a little and found recipes for different effects. I also found recipes that can give pixies different auras too! I was so excited about the Silly Sweets, I just had to perfect the recipes so I could share them with other pixies.

Kit: Thank you for sharing, Dulcie — we are really enjoying the new sweets!

Wow! That was cool. I guess I’ll go try to bake those sweets now. I’ll tell you if they’re any good (but they probably will be!).



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